FACILITIES DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                                   Policy 7300


Site/Facilities Retirement


Certain school buildings may no longer be adequate for instructional purposes and should be used to benefit the School District or public in other ways. In determining when a facility is to be retired from regular school purposes, the Board will be guided by a combination of factors, to include:


1. Review of the in-depth demographic studies and population groupings.


2. Age and current physical condition of the building, its operating systems and program facilities.


3. Adequacy of site, location, accessibility, surrounding development, traffic patterns, and other environmental conditions.


4. Reassignment of children, including alternative plans, according to Board policy.


5. Transportation factors including number of children bused, time, distance and safety.


6. Alternate uses of the building.


7. Costs/savings




        Plant operation




        Capital investment


        Alternate use


If the Board determines to close a school, it will first consider other uses that the School District might make of the building; then it will consider its sale. Sale or lease of any District facility will be conducted as set forth in Regulation 3380 - Sale/Lease of Real Property.


The historic value of any building will also be considered by the Board. It may take special action to provide for a building's preservation.