GENERAL ADMINISTRATION                                                                          Regulation 1405

       (Policy 1405)

School/Community Relations


Family Involvement in Education


In order to implement the Board’s commitment to parent/family involvement in students’ education, the District has implemented an educational involvement plan with the following features:


1. Regular two way communication between school and parents/families. Such communication will include but not be limited to scheduled parent visits to school, electronic communication, use of translators, parent volunteers, and other programs recommended by the Parent/Family Involvement Committee.


2. Assist parents in developing positive, productive parenting skills, as well as positive productive means of interacting with District administrators and staff.


3. Provide professional development opportunities for District staff to facilitate productive parent/school involvement in promoting education of District students.


4. Involve parents in meaningful activities to enhance student learning.


. Enhance opportunities for parents/families to visit schools in a safe and open atmosphere. Such opportunities will include, but are not limited to, identifying roles for parent volunteers, providing training for volunteers and provision of family activities at school.


6. Affirmatively involve parents in school decisions which affect their children.


7. Utilize community resources to promote and strengthen school programs, family practices, and student learning.



Nov  05