(Form 6241)
Challenged Materials

On occasion, honest differences of opinion may arise about books or materials used in the public schools. In order to handle questions that might arise in an impartial and orderly manner, the following procedures shall be followed:

  1. All complaints shall be reported immediately to the building principal involved, whether these come by telephone, letter, or personal conference.
  2. The person making the complaint shall receive the form "Review of Instructional Materials." A copy of this form may be picked up in the administrator's office.
  3. This form must be completed and returned by the person making the complaint.
  4. Media being questioned will be removed from use, pending committee study and final action by the Board of Education, unless the material questioned is a basic text.
  5. The Superintendent of Schools shall, within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the written request, appoint a review committee of nine people. The committee shall consist of the administrator of the building involved, three teachers, a member of the Board of Education, and four lay persons. The administrator shall serve as secretary.
  6. The classroom teachers appointed shall be represented by the grade level or subject area where the media is used, another grade level or subject area, and a librarian.
  7. The four lay persons appointed shall be selected from a list of eight people recommended to the Superintendent by the president of the Board of Education. Two of the four persons appointed must be parents/guardians of children in the schools.
  8. Within twenty (20) days of the appointment of the committee, the committee shall meet, review the written request for reconsideration, read the questioned materials, evaluate, and prepare a written report of its findings and recommendations to the Superintendent of Schools.
  9. The committee may recommend that the questioned materials be:

Retained without restriction;

Retained with restriction; or

Not retained.

  1. The Superintendent shall, at the next appointed meeting of the Board of Education, report the recommendations of the Review Committee to the Board of Education. The decision of the Board will be final.
  2. The decision of the Board shall be reported to the principal of the school, to the complainant, and to other appropriate professional personnel on the next school day. The principal shall see that the decision of the Board is carried out.
  3. The librarian responsible for that school shall keep on file all pertinent information concerning the questioned materials or any books or materials likely to be questioned