The Laquey R-V School District recognizes the educational and professional value of electronics based information technology, both as a means of access to enriching information and as a tool to develop skills that students need.


The district's technology exists for the purpose of maximizing the educational opportunities and achievement of district students. The professional enrichment of the staff and Board, and increased engagement of the students' families and other patrons of the district are assisted by technology, but are secondary to the ultimate goal of student achievement.


Use of technology resources in a disruptive, manifestly inappropriate or illegal manner impairs the district's mission, squanders resources and shall not be tolerated. Therefore, a consistently high level of personal responsibility is expected of all users granted access to the district's technology resources. Development of students' personal responsibility is itself an expected benefit of the district technology program.


For the purposes of this policy and related regulation, procedures and forms, the following terms are defined:

User -- any person who is permitted by the district to utilize any portion of the district's technology resources, including but not limited to students, employees, School Board members and agents of the school district.


User Identification (ID) -- any identifier that would allow a user access to the district's technology resources, or to any program, including but not limited to, e-mail and Internet access.

Password -- a unique word, phrase or combination of alphabetic, numeric and non-alphanumeric characters used to authenticate a user ID as belonging to a user.

Technology Administration

The Board directs the superintendent or designee to create rules and procedures governing technology usage in the district to support the district's policy, as needed.

The Board directs the superintendent or designee to assign trained personnel to maintain the district's technology in a manner that will protect the district from liability and will protect confidential student and employee information retained or accessible through district technology resources.Administrators of computer resources may suspend access to and/or availability of the district's technology resources to diagnose and investigate network problems or potential violations of the law or district policies, regulations and procedures.




User Identification and Network Security

The district technology resources may be used by authorized students, employees, School Board members and other persons with the approval of administrators or designee.

Use of the district's technology resources is a privilege, not a right. No student, employee or other potential user will be given an ID, password or other access to district technology if he or she is considered a security risk by the superintendent or designee.

Users must adhere to district policies, regulations, procedures and other district guidelines. All users shall immediately report any security problems or misuse of the district's technology resources to an administrator or teacher.

User Agreement and Privacy

Unless authorized by the superintendent or designee, all users must have an appropriately signed Technology User Agreement on file with the district before they are allowed access to district technology resources. Signing of student handbook signifies acceptance of the Technology Usage Agreement. All users must agree to follow the district's policies, regulations and procedures.

In addition, all users must recognize that they do not have a legal expectation of privacy in any electronic communications or other activities involving the district's technology. A user ID with e-mail access, if granted, is provided to users of this district's network and technology resources only on condition that the user consents in his or her User Agreement to interception or access to all communications accessed, sent, received or stored using district technology.

Content Filtering and Monitoring

The district will monitor the online activities of minors and operate a technology protection measure ("filtering/blocking device") on the network and /or all computers with Internet access, as required by law. The filtering/blocking device will protect against access to visual depictions that are obscene, harmful to minors and child pornography, as required by law. Because the district's technology is a shared resource, the filtering/blocking device will apply to all computers with Internet access in the district. Filtering/ Blocking devices are not foolproof, and the district cannot guarantee that users will never be able to access offensive materials using district equipment. Evasion or disabling, or attempting to evade or disable, a filtering/blocking device installed by the district, is prohibited.


Closed Forum

The district's technology resources are not a public forum for expression of any kind and are to be considered a closed forum to the extent allowed by law.

The district's web page will provide information about the school district, but will not be used as an open forum. The district's web page may include the district's address, telephone number and an e-mail address where members of the public may easily communicate concerns to the administration and the Board.



Equipment & Furnishings: Users are expected to treat all equipment and furnishings with care and respect.Movement of any technology equipment must be coordinated with Technology Coordinator.


Copyright: Users are expected to treat information gleaned from network programs as copy protected and will cite references when using that information in reports. No user will be permitted to copy software programs to any computer workstation, or from any computer workstation at Laquey R-V schools.All users will adhere to the limitations of the districtís technology licenses.


Confidentiality: No user will be permitted to seek information on, obtain copies of, or modify files, other data, or passwords belonging to another user. No user will be permitted to misrepresent another user on the network. Any attempts to secure a higher level of privilege on the technology resources without authorization are prohibited. The Laquey school district will not be responsible for mistakes, negligence, or costs incurred by the student while on the network..Users will be held responsible for compensation of anyone harmed by the abuse of the network.


Etiquette: Accessing, viewing or disseminating information using district resources, including e-mail or Internet access, that constitutes insulting or fighting words, the very expression of which injures or harasses other people (e.g. threats of violence, defamation of character or of a person's race, religion or ethnic origin); presents a clear and present likelihood that, because of their content or their manner of distribution, will cause a material and substantial disruption of the proper and orderly operation and discipline of the school or school activities; or will cause the commission of unlawful acts or the violation of lawful school regulations is prohibited.


Administrative Rights: The school administration reserves the right to access any material stored in files to which users have access and will edit or remove any material which in their discretion is believed to be objectionable.

Electronic Mail:The use of email by students is prohibited unless in conjunction with a class project for educational purposes and then only if monitored by a teacher. A user is responsible for all e-mail originating from the user's ID or password.

a. Forgery or attempted forgery of e-mail messages is illegal and prohibited.

b. Unauthorized attempts to read, delete, copy or modify e-mail of other users are prohibited.

c. Users are prohibited from sending unsolicited multiple addresses per message, unless the communication is a necessary, employment-related function, or an authorized publication.

d. All users must adhere to the same standards for communicating on-line that are expected in the classroom, and consistent with district policies, regulations and procedures.

e. Users will read email regularly to prevent overloading network server resources.


Chat rooms: The use of chat rooms is prohibited. Exceptions can include use of chat rooms, bulletin boards, or list services as part of a class activity or class assignment for educational purposes and when monitored by a faculty member


Downloading:Downloading of any files, to include music files and web sites that continually broadcast across the network unless approved by the administration are prohibited. Large files and continual broadcasts tie up network resources.


Inappropriate Viewing: Accessing, viewing or disseminating information using district resources, including e-mail or Internet access, that is pornographic, obscene, child pornography, harmful to minors, obscene to minors, libelous, pervasively indecent or vulgar, or advertising any product or service not permitted to minors is prohibited


It is not acceptable to use the computer network in any form or manner, which violates state or federal law.


Information services and features contained in the network are intended for the private use of its patrons, and any commercial or other unauthorized use of those materials, in any form, is expressly forbidden.

On-Line Safety - Disclosure, Use, and Dissemination of Personal Information


Student users are prohibited from sharing personal information about themselves or others over the Internet, unless authorized by the district.

Student users shall not agree to meet with someone they have met on-line without parental approval.


Any user shall promptly disclose to the Technology Director any message the user receives that is inappropriate or makes the user feel uncomfortable.


Employees shall not transmit confidential student information using district technology. Employees will take precautions to prevent negligent disclosure of student information.


The ultimate responsibility for proper use and misuse of the network lies with each individual user.


Laquey R-V schools reserves the right to discontinue a userís network access or computer use to prevent further unauthorized activity.

The school district will render all reasonable assistance to local, state or federal officials for the investigation and prosecution of persons using district technology in violation of any law.


Any computer or network activity not expressly permitted is prohibited.


Note: The reader is encouraged to review administrative procedures and/or forms for related information in support of this policy area.