Laquey R-V
Web Page Guidelines

All District teachers and administrators are encouraged to develop web pages to be linked from the District web page.  Teachers and administrators are also encouraged to develop links from their home page to third party host sites so they may develop and continually update school related information about their class and/or organizations.

Prior to beginning work on the site, teachers and administrators are strongly encouraged to attend training sessions on web site development or secure the help of knowledgeable parents, volunteers, district personnel or other individuals.

The District encourages teachers to involve students in web site development.

Teachers and administrators should not establish links to a web site until they are sure the site meets the criteria in this document. All web pages are subject to review at any time by District administrators.

Content and links within a District web site should:

> Be informative.

> Be accurate.

> Be current.

> Pertain to education or to the functions of the school.

> Be correctly written, spelled and punctuated.

> Be thoughtfully and attractively presented.

> Have written parental permission to display a student's name or picture.

> Insure that a student CANNOT be identified by attaching his/her name to a specific picture, phone number or address.


> Have written permission in order to display the name or picture of any Staff member or School Board member.

> Written permission may be obtained for single, specific pictures or it may be given for any district-approved use.

> Adults CAN be identified by attaching his/her name to a specific picture, phone number or address with written permission.






Content and links (defined as any site that can be reached in two clicks or less) within a District web site or, a teacher/student page linked from the district site, should not:

> Contain or point to pornographic, violent, obscene, objectionable or offensive material.

> Violate copyright laws by containing unauthorized or plagiarized content (including written materials, pictures, graphics, audio, and video).


> Contain any personal information on students without parental permission.

In order to protect individual privacy and promote good community relations. District web sites or, teacher/student pages linked from the district website, should:

> Never provide addresses, phone numbers or other private information about students.

> Never post individual pictures with the student's first or last names.

> Posting class pictures are fine as long as the picture doesn't explain which individuals are standing where in the picture.

> Class pictures should include at least three or more students if you are including their first names.

> Provide e-mail addresses except for the purpose of supporting or providing feedback for a school-related activity organization or web site.

> Never contain information or material that the district would not be willing to publish in other media forms (e.g. newspaper, television, brochures, etc.).

> Never allow students to post their personal web pages. If students need to post a web page as part of integrating the classroom curriculum with the Internet, it should be posted on the District web page with teacher approval through the District Web Master. All links from a student project web page must be checked for appropriateness.

> Never promote specific political, metaphysical or religious viewpoints or agendas. Links to such pages may be placed on a web page for research purposes if the links are balanced.